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Expert Worldbuilders

Guild of Navigators (Trailer)GMCO
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Honorary Worldbuilding Expert from the Guild of Navigators, Beau talks about his experiences as a GM of over 30 years. His Patreon website (link) includes dozens of free maps. Maps from the Guild of Navigators are beautiful, highly detailed while still generic enough for homebrew. Each features multiple layers, has character tokens packs, and various levels of map exploration from the world stage to individual encounter spaces.

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(The art featured on the left is created by a student of the Guild of Navigators, the Guild of Navigators logo is the intellectual property of the Guild of Navigators used with special and non-transferring permission. You have to ask them if you would like to use their logo.)

Full podcast interview available on Apple and wherever you get your podcasts. <Direct link to recording, click here.>

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