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Why define standards?

Written standards makes complex and abstract things visible, manipulable, intentional. So writing standards allows us to define what the discipline or field of study game mastery is and what it aspires to be. This, in turn, allows us to study the craft and improve it.

How can standards make me a better GM?

The Standards Guidance Document can help you figure out how to use the standards for self-improvement as a GM. Each aspect of game mastery is broken down into smaller parts with practical tips for certification and improvement.

Where do the standards come from?

From Game Masters everywhere. You can Join the Discussion to learn about drafting standards and to vote on changes to the standards.

Why certify?

Certified Game Masters have demonstrated their mastery of each standard identified as crucial to success for their games. Your players will have better games and you'll join a community of professionals and hobbyists dedicated to making gaming better. Potential players will have high expectations, and you'll be ready to meet them. Your voice will help shape gaming's future. It's free and it's a great resource made better by each new certifying GM joining the shared knowledge pool.

What is accredidation?
Game Master Certification does two major functions - certifying a game master meets the a level of standards in the GMing & we help people who help GMs become better GMs by ensuring and developing their programs.

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