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Chess Game

Standard Zero

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Chess Game
Standard Zero

Game Masters (GM) live their rule-zero by earnest self-reflection, building positive relationship with and between participants, and in ruling wisely. This is indicated by the players.


The players know and respect their Game Master.

Ship's Wheel
Standard 1

Game Masters achieve rule zero goals by leveraging the rulesets to achieve quality in their gaming. This is indicated by

A.            System Selection

Game Masters learn and select rule system(s) that match the aims and goals of the group

B.            System Efficacy

Game Masters leverage the strengths of rules systems to meet the aims and purposes of their games

C.            Game Enjoyment

Game Masters rulings are firm, fair, consistent, and expedient so that players can be comfortably immersed in a willing suspension of disbelief with common purpose

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Standard 2

Standard 2: Regarding Worldbuilding

Game Masters build compelling worlds for their players’ characters. This is indicated by

A.            Verisimilitude

Game Masters facilitate gaming by creating the willing suspension of disbelief in players that allows them to participate in a shared game scenario.

B.            Strengths

Game Masters know their strengths and use it to craft compelling scenarios.

C.            Tools

Game Masters utilize the right world building tool for the job and use them correctly.

Random Objects
Standard 3

Game Masters honor their game time. This is indicated by


Game Masters start on time so much as possible to get the most of their time. They start on time. They end when games must end. The time spent during is well-spent toward achieving group rule zero.


Game Masters enrich their gaming time by putting work into their games.


Game Masters have developed and utilize the skills necessary to administrate their games.

Old Book
Standard 4

Standard 4: Regarding Playing Games

Game Masters practice the art of game mastery.

A.Master of None

Game Masters do not infringe upon the agency of characters controlled by players excepting as agreed in Session Zero or later mutual agreement.       


Game Masters are responsible for the narration of all persons, places, actions, things, rules, rulings, knowledge, et cetera that are not expected to be furnished by the players.


Game Masters come prepared to their games. This may include:

Necessary world building; Handouts; Visual Aides; Rules knowledge; Downtime debriefing; Administrative requests; Paperwork; Character Stat Blocks/Scripts/etc.; Player mediation; Personal Growth


Game Masters recognize the impossibility of planning for all player interactions in any particular game and have thus become masterful in their improvisational skills.

Trail in Woods
Standard 5

Standard 5: Regarding the Players

Game Masters believe games are a collaborative process. This is indicated by:

A.Positive and Responsive Interactions toward: Player with non-player character, Player with environment, Player with Game Master, and Interjections

B. Obfuscation

Game Masters are knowledgeable in ethical obfuscation practices and theory.

C. Support players in their roles

Game Masters understand all people to be acting in a role while gaming, and help the player reach excellence in that role.

D. Storytelling, Impromptu, Handouts and Visual aides

Game Masters have theoretical knowledge about the art of storytelling and employ it with the use of their tools such as voice, acting, performance art, music, props, impromptu handouts, visual aids, tokens, et cetera. Game Masters use these tools to enhance the game.

Judge and Gavel
Standard 6

Standard 6: Regarding Wisdom

Game Masters recognize the value of wisdom and seek it as a guide to their own decisions. This is indicated by:


Game Masters acknowledge their failures, short comings, struggles, and mistakes.  They take responsibility for these things, provide avenues for players to provide feedback in regards to these things and earnestly considers earnest feedback.

B. Adjudicating Rules

  1. Exercising Authority

If there should come a time, Game Masters deal with players or situations that are detrimental to the game. Game Masters that must deal with these things do so in service to Rule Zero, with respect to the players involved, and in accordance with their highest standards of professional and personal acumen.

Computer with Graph
Standard 7

Standard 7: Regarding Improving in the Craft

Game Masters employ advanced techniques to ensure the aims of the game. They do this through

A.Player Interactions

Game Masters observe their players, learn what makes the game better for them.

B. Game Logistics

Game Masters observe the logistical considerations of their sessions and not ensure their administration is smooth for the players.

C. Game Observation

Game Masters always observe their games and ensure they understand the action happening sufficient to participate fully, and for later reflection toward better practice.

D. Personal Observation

As Game Masters study themselves as they do their players, connecting authentically and sympathetically with themselves.

Traditional Library
Standard 8

Standard 8: Regarding Loving the Craft

Game Masters love their craft. This is indicated by

A. Continued Education

The Game Master finds means to educate themselves. They use self-reflection to find weaknesses to strengthen and strengths to capitalize. The Game Master does not allow analysis work go to waste.

        B. Promotion of the Craft

Game Masters endeavor to promote the craft via

1. Producing Games Sessions

2. Promotion of the craft directly via public announcement, paid advertisement, and/or promotion of game sessions created by Game Masters

3. Contributions to the community of Game Masters

4. Recruitment of Players

5. Recruitment of other Game Masters

6. Training of Players

7. Training of Game Masters

Video Game Computer
Standard 9

Standard 9: Regarding Being Good

All Game Masters certifying affirm that gaming is to the benefit of humanity. Therefore, Game Masters are responsible to be good.

A. As a Player

Participants should meet the standards they expect of their players.

B. As a Person

Game Masters strive to better themselves, and achieving such is good.

C. As a Game Master

Game Masters are responsible for other peoples’ most valuable resource, time. Game Masters work to ensure that time is good.