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Standard Zero

Good Game Masters are identified by their players. The standards should be guided by and reflect player sentiment.


Standard 1

Standard 1: Regarding Rulesets

Game Masters achieve group goals by leveraging the rulesets to achieve quality in their gaming.

Standard 2

Game Masters build compelling worlds for their players’ characters.  

Standard 3

Game Masters honor their game time.

Performance Artist:

Standard 4

Game Masters practice the art of game mastery.

Standard 5

Game Masters believe games are a collaborative process.


Standard 6

Game Masters recognize the value of wisdom and seek it as a guide to their own decisions.

Standard 7

Game Masters employ advanced techniques to ensure the aims of the game.

Standard 8

Game Masters love their craft.


Standard 9

Game Masters are responsible to be good.

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Game Master Certification Organization Standards for GMs especially of TableTop Role-Playing Games (GMCO-GM 2020)

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